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About Our Chicken Leg Quarter Products Exporters

For preparing a convenient meal, restaurants and hotels keep delicious and tender Chicken Leg Quarter in their freezer. We are one of the best and active Chicken Leg Quarter Exporters . If you want to experience culinary delight with Chicken Leg Quarter, then you have reached the right place. We offer Chicken Leg Quarter in whole or various cuts. The frozen meat provided by us Frozen Chicken Exporter comes with an assurance that it is healthy and safe for consumption. Thus, they are the perfect food item for any dinner or catering event. These Chicken Leg Quarter products are made from animals reared in hygienic condition and free from chemicals or impurities, assuring you a wonderful lifetime experience. Chicken Leg Quarter are perfect for snacking and are available in various fun variants. These items are packed after a thorough cleaning with a high level of precision. Buy Chicken Leg Quarter from Brazil at such an amazing price for preparing incredibly delicious and fresh meat dishes. Grade “A” Wholesale Chicken Leg Quarter Exporters of – Brazilian Chicken Leg Quarter. We are committed to delivering the best quality Chicken Leg Quarter that meet and exceed your requirements. Are you in search of where to bulk buy Grade ‘A’ Chicken Leg Quarter from the best Chicken Exporters in Brazil ? We are your indisputable source where you will find a large selection of quality Brazilian Chicken Leg Quarter at the best wholesale price. Buy Brazil Chicken Leg Quarter Wholesale Now! We are a grade ‘A’ Chicken Leg Quarter wholesale Exporters, we have teamed up with leading frozen Chicken Leg Quarter manufacturers and producers in Brazil to supply nutritious and low-fat Chicken Leg Quarter from Brazil. We do maintain transparency in our services and let the customers choose the right chicken feet according to their needs. Whether you need to export Chicken Leg Quarter , or anywhere else in the world, we can facilitate your delivery needs, keeping our promise and timely delivery. We are committed to delivering the best quality Chicken Leg Quarter that meet and exceed your requirements. Our Chicken Leg Quarter are affordable pieces you get to enjoy different from other products available in the market. Chicken Leg Quarter are nutritious unlike popular notions, and the helpful thing about them is that you can spice them up with the various recipes available for Chicken Leg Quarter. The freshness of Chicken Leg Quarter dictates the quality we provide. Therefore, we ensure that from the beginning of processing the Chicken Leg Quarter we maintain the quality of our product. We, therefore, keep the cuts in a frozen mode to preserve the taste and freshness. ... Read More

Our Values

Why our clients Worldwide appreciate our quality Brazil Halal Chicken Leg Quarter

High Quality Chicken

Our Halal Chicken Leg Quarter is raised with 100 % vegetarian feed from fresh corn and soya beans, with no added preservatives.

We are HALAL Certified

Our Chicken is the best and hand slaughtered according to the rules established by the Islamic Council.

Global Delivery Reach

We ship our quality HALAL Certified Chicken with a global reach from Brazil right to you

Unbeatable Price for Value

Our clients say our Chicken prices are the best prices for value in the market.


How to get your Chicken Leg Quarter

1. Place your order

Contact us today and we will send you a quote promptly

2. Make Payment

Once payment is made, all the all the necessary logistics are made.

3. Products are shipped

The products aew shipped and will be delivered to your address.

How Our Chicken Leg Quarter are processed

Here is a detailed process of how we obtain our quality Chicken Leg Quarter

1. Receiving the chicken and slaughtering for Chicken Leg Quarter

The chickens arrive at the processing plant from where they are offloaded, and they are raised into large barns known as grow-out houses. The grow-out houses are cage-free. Our workers later place the chicken on a moving line in a humane manner. We then calm the chicken down by using dim light and rubbing the bars. We later stun the chicken. The stunning helps the chicken relax and makes them unaware of the pain. Next, with one quick cut to the throat, we slaughter the chicken. Before proceeding to the feather removal stage, our employees make sure the chicken is properly slaughtered.

2. Cleaning for Chicken Leg Quarter

Here we remove the feathers, internal organs, and feet. Since we are dealing with Chicken Legs in this section, we carefully clean them and test them for the salmonella bacteria. We make sure we test the feet to prevent any food contamination arising from our products.

3. Processing of Chicken Leg Quarter

Here we remove the skin from the Chicken Leg Quarter since this helps in making things easier for our clients to prepare. Then we freeze the chicken feet to help preserve their freshness and prevent any bruising and decay of the Chicken Leg Quarter.

4. Packaging of Chicken Leg Quarter

When you place an order, we package the Chicken Leg Quarter according to your requirements. But before being shipped all our Chicken Leg Quarter products undergo an inspection and receive a seal of satisfaction if they meet all the health requirements

... Read More


Asked Questions.

Where to buy our Chicken Leg Quarter ?

Why choose us for our Chicken Leg Quarter ?

We are providing our Chicken Leg Quarter for sale. You can order our Chicken Leg Quarter online with us and get excellent quality at reasonable costs. Moreover, we provide free delivery and easy-to-order tools.

Do you provide our Chicken Leg Quarter wholesale?

Yes, we are providing wholesale our Chicken Leg Quarter from Brazil to different regions of the world. Now, you can get our Chicken Leg Quarter wholesale shipped to you anywhere in the world.

Can I order our Chicken Leg Quarter in bulk from you?

Of course, you can order our Chicken Leg Quarter in bulk and we are also providing the best deals on all orders to make sure our customers stay happy while ordering from us.

How can I place an order for our Chicken Leg Quarter ?

To place an order for our Chicken Leg Quarter, please visit our “Contact" page and fill out the form. We will get back to you with prices and working procedures.

What's the minimum order quantity I can buy your Chicken Leg Quarter?

Our minimum order quantity to buy our Chicken Leg Quarter is 1*40' container.

Are your products approved to enter my destination ?

Our products are approved for every destination . Our partnership with many plants ensures that we meet all import regulations of most destinations .

Can I import your to China?

Yes, of course, most of our plants are approved for China.

How long do you take to ship after I place my Chicken Leg Quarter order?

Depending on the Chicken Leg Quarter quantity demanded, we can process and ship in a min of 5 working days.


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